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I truly have not forgot my Dad’s readers, nor will I.  As many of you know, my Dad was part Irish and had a love for Ireland that was very deep.  He always wanted to visit the Emerald Isle but circumstances never allowed that dream to be fulfilled.  My wife (Susan) and I traveled to Ireland this month to fulfill that dream on his behalf (I must admit it was also the dream of Susan and me).  We spent two (2) weeks traveling the length and width of Ireland and spreading Dad’s love of the country and letting the wonderful folk hear his words.

One of his favorite pieces from Ireland was Galway Bay.  We visited that beautiful place and I know that he was with us.  We also visited Dingle Bay.  Four young Irish lasses (none of which we knew) learned of Dad and his love for Galway and Dingle Bays.  Much to our surprise, one of the lasses blessed us and my Dad with the singing of Dingle Bay (of course this occurred in one of Dublin’s many fine pubs).

Later in our trip, our dear friend Joe O’Leary and our new friends Frank and Robbie (all three being true Irish countrymen) serenaded us with Galway Bay (of course this also occurred at pub, this time in the fine city of Cork).  Joe, Frank and Robbie exemplify the true people of Ireland – warm, friendly, helpful and just f..ing great.  We love you guys.

I am sure Dad was with us – every step of the way – and I am also sure that he would agree that every aspect of Ireland and its people exceeded our expectations many-fold.  We will be back.

And I must let all of you know, that I have not forgot my promise to Dad and to you.  I will soon start posting more of his works and will continue The Nether Folk Story.

Go raibh maith agat Éire agus míle buíochas le gach do chuid daoine iontach. Dia Bless agus is Fearr Mianta do na an chuid is fearr.

Bruce, Susan agus Charles Frost


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We are still here. New posts from my Dad’s works are forthcoming. Please bear with me as I strive to become 1/10 as organized as he was.

Thank you

Bruce E. Frost

A lot is going on at the present time. There are more words from my Dad forthcoming. He may have joined my Mom but he has left some additional thoughts behind. Also the Nether Folk Story will continue as per his wishes. The information regarding Dad’s first book and how to obtain a copy will be made available within the next few months. I am sorry for the delay. He loved life, he loved people and he loved his readers. I hope I am worthy to continue his work.

Bruce E. Frost (son)

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My writes are the truth throughout
That’s my claim, you see, and I Pray
You understand, the unwritten law
Of poetry: ‘ poetic license’, my say.

If I may, I’ll water that down a bit.
One may use that law to add zest
To a write that may lack the same;
It’s really the writer’s call, I guess.

I have to say, what if one should
Decide to use the second guess?
That’s not fair, that’s using words
To create a cover-up, for zest.

Well anyway, I’ll do it my way,
As I said, the truth is mine to tell.
That is the way I see it, now
And ever, that will be my call.

What I write is for your pleasure.
That is something I will not ever
Second guess. Take my measure
As a man, that is my truth,

Now and forever.

Copyright 2013 Charles E. Frost
April 15, 2013

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I Write And I Write

I sometimes think on those two words.
Am I an interloper attempting to make
My way into the ‘Clan’? No I’m not,
But let me say to me, don’t let me wake.

The title, I’d fancy, if it were really true.
I have read the ‘bios’ of the nameless
And shrink from calling me a writer
Until perhaps I might be famous.

I’ve always left writing bios to others
Of scholastic rights, those not mine
I blame them not, they earned it. As
For me I’d be content to write in rhyme.

My bios simple, grades one thru eight;
I do not believe the reader really cares.
I thank my God tho, most of my writes
Use good spelling, poor brings glares.

Now as I say, poetic license allows a bit
Of margin here and there but don’t overdo.
It can help to add a bit of zest, if your write
Goes flat and puts you in a stew.

Those opinions are mine tho I’ll share
If they’ll help another that writes.
So now brother writer, let me join you
In your efforts to keep our world bright

I’ll write, yes, the best that I can.

Copyright © 2012 Charles E. Frost
September 24, 2012

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A Fertile Mind

I’ve just read a writing of a grandson of mine.
It is from a clear and fertile mind, a write of
Todays, tomorrows and yesterdays, thousands
Of words, a precursor of all that will come.

He is a dreamer and thinker as I believe I am.
Poetry and short stories is what I write now,
Later, a ‘book of life’ as I live it and see it.
My goal ~ to be truthful in so far as I can,

Using poetic license, hoping it will rhyme.
My grandson goes deeper into his writes.
It is useful to use all the tips that I find in
His stories. I’m quite sure he won’t mind.

After all, isn’t it said, that simulation is the
Highest praise one can give? Any way,
That’s my take on it so I’ll take what I can.
Grandson mine, if you read this, be kind.

Please remember your start in the attic
Long ago, O’ yea, I know, I grow old, but,
The child you were does too. I wonder,
Will the resemblance of you, as you are

Be a writer, a builder, a veterinarian, etc.
I know you will help while you can.
It’s in your genes, you are a teacher in
Heart and soul.

Copyright © 2012 Charles E Frost
September 12, 2012

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Write In Rhyme

I would like to write a poem today,
My preference is to make it rhyme.
That is my bent, have I the time?
I’ve many words I’d wish to say.

Some, I think, I’ll keep in reserve
For maybe, one apart, a specialty,
As perhaps a write for you or me.
I threw that line in just for a curve

You see, it’s not just any old time
I’d write in rhyme just to please.
Well, maybe it is, I revel in a tease
And leave with an Auld Lang Syne.

Now, this little write is new to me
So reader, refrain from ill retort.
I can do worse, I’ll make it short
You can’t ever from me flee.

There my friends, that is my best
The rhyming isn’t great, it will do.
After all it’s just for me and for you.
Will you write for me, at my behest?

Copyright © 2012 Charles E Frost
August 30, 2012

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Always I have had a yen for poetry, however
not to write it. Then one day, quite by accident,
I wrote, perhaps several lines, maybe four,
of my thoughts and went on to write more.

Looked back a bit and saw, just a bit of rhyme.
Well now, how nice and how easy is this game?
Perhaps I will put some words together in a line,
study them for omission or perhaps a change.

Go on from there to put my words together,
once more in rhyme, I wonder if I’m right,
can I make this work, will I stumble and take
the wrong train of thought as success’s in sight?

My rhyming is complete tho not as I wished for.
Perhaps my train of thought switched tracks,
left me stranded as a would be poet without
any real destination. I wonder, will I wander

to a training track for prose and leave what I
want the most , words I love to use, to tell stories
of my life and yours, as true as I can make it,
all in the beautiful cadence of a rhyme?

Copyright © 2012 Charles E Frost
May 28, 2012

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