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On June 28, 2014, excepting those who were physically unable, all of the Frost family, including our Canadian family, met to celebrate the lives of my father, Charles  E. Frost, and my mother, Alma M. Frost (his beloved wife of 71 years).  We met upon their land – in an area where they often worked to put up a winter’s supply of wood and to spend time enjoying the great pleasures of nature bestowed upon all of us by our creator.  An honor guard was present and began the ceremony followed by a young bagpiper , Charles, playing ‘Anchors Aweigh’ (Dad served in the United States Navy during World War II).  Introductions were made, followed by an opening prayer.  A dear friend of Dad, Carolyn Cowan sang ‘Galway Bay’, a favorite of Dad’s.  She was accompanied by the bagpiper.  Their ashes were spread over the land they loved by my sister, Charlene and myself .  A benediction was offered.  Megan Prince blessed us with the playing of ‘Taps’

The second part of the ceremony began after the flags were retired.  Many memories were offered by each member of the families.  Tears of joy and remembrance flowed.  I believe Mom & Dad were proud.  This part of the ceremony was concluded by the playing of ‘Amazing Grace’ by the piper.  All joined in led by Carolyn, Charlene and myself.  Immediately following was the party that Mom & Dad had requested.

Love, friendship, food and proper libation flowed.  All were treated to a very talented country /bluegrass duo by the name of ‘Gravel Road’, who added to the joyous occasion.  Although they had agreed to play until 7 or 8 PM, they played until nearly midnight.  Many of Dad’s poems were read during the evening.  It was truly a joyous celebration.

Thank you Jesus, for the gift of Charles and Alma Frost.  Thank you for all the wisdom and love that they gave, and continue to give, to each of us.




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Good morning friends, neighbors, and those
That maybe read me. I’m here at my eastern
Window, my favorite place to be at daybreak.
I’ve just seen the evening go into its repose.

The Sun, a mere shadow now, will soon burst
Out and glow into a ball of shining light and
Frame the mountain rim. That is the beauty of
Each morn that God provides for all to see.

The trees and rocky mountain crags painted
White with winter’s snows, sparkle in the sun.
Movement, here and there, belies the quiet of
The air all about as Mother Nature has her way.

Squirrels, small animals of every ilk, lay their
Claim to the snow white turf, have their play
As deer and Moose move silently, looking for
A den of brush, to be obscure from prey.

I’d gladly give up some treasured sleep to be
Out with Mother Nature’s show of beauty
And share it all with friends of mine.
I will ask my boss tomorrow for more off time.

Copyright 2013 Charles E. Frost
March 27, 2013

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Sunday March 10, 2013, a beautiful sunny day
To advance the time and the season; winter may
Linger but it’s warming up. Spring will follow,
All the signs are there for me and you to see.

The mountain rim is outlined by snow covered
Trees majestically tall, left by a God of one and
All, to be nourished and cherished by you and
By me and passed to those that come after to see.

In time the winds and the sun will displace the
Snow from the trees to take on the green of limbs
And leaves as Mother Nature works her magic
Of the seasons, Spring takes its turn.

Life in our world will continue to follow God’s
Plan of succession of the comings and goings of
The seasons and that of the life of man. It’s our
Life to live. Let’s do it the best that we can.

Copyright 2013 Charles E. Frost
March 8, 2013

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The Weather Scene

Really now, I can hardly believe my eyes.
Just before I went to bed last night,
The weatherman predicted, rain and warmer.
It did rain but turned to snow, was he right?

This morning all was white and damn cold
Now I know, it’s only human to error,
But gee, he is mistaken every other day.
Does he nightly plan for us this morning terror?

Perhaps there is a way to turn the tables, but
He has the weather guru on his side.
We could search and maybe find his foibles,
And use them to advantage and kill his pride.

Am I back in a rut, writing about the weather?
I can turn it around if I’m wise and use my guile
To find myself another theme to cover up the rut;
Then I could face my readers with a smile.

Aha my readers, I think I’ve gotcha, don’t think
I will let you off so easy, o’ no, you’ve work to do.
Tell me what I can do to please y’all
Comment good or bad, I’ll write my best for you.

Copyright © 2012 Charles E, Frost
February 15, 2012

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