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On June 28, 2014, excepting those who were physically unable, all of the Frost family, including our Canadian family, met to celebrate the lives of my father, Charles  E. Frost, and my mother, Alma M. Frost (his beloved wife of 71 years).  We met upon their land – in an area where they often worked to put up a winter’s supply of wood and to spend time enjoying the great pleasures of nature bestowed upon all of us by our creator.  An honor guard was present and began the ceremony followed by a young bagpiper , Charles, playing ‘Anchors Aweigh’ (Dad served in the United States Navy during World War II).  Introductions were made, followed by an opening prayer.  A dear friend of Dad, Carolyn Cowan sang ‘Galway Bay’, a favorite of Dad’s.  She was accompanied by the bagpiper.  Their ashes were spread over the land they loved by my sister, Charlene and myself .  A benediction was offered.  Megan Prince blessed us with the playing of ‘Taps’

The second part of the ceremony began after the flags were retired.  Many memories were offered by each member of the families.  Tears of joy and remembrance flowed.  I believe Mom & Dad were proud.  This part of the ceremony was concluded by the playing of ‘Amazing Grace’ by the piper.  All joined in led by Carolyn, Charlene and myself.  Immediately following was the party that Mom & Dad had requested.

Love, friendship, food and proper libation flowed.  All were treated to a very talented country /bluegrass duo by the name of ‘Gravel Road’, who added to the joyous occasion.  Although they had agreed to play until 7 or 8 PM, they played until nearly midnight.  Many of Dad’s poems were read during the evening.  It was truly a joyous celebration.

Thank you Jesus, for the gift of Charles and Alma Frost.  Thank you for all the wisdom and love that they gave, and continue to give, to each of us.




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Shadow Of Down River

Life will live forever at “Down River”
Where the’ shadow of ‘the welcome
Lady’ will hold sway. The shadow
We all know is Bessies Daughter.

The house at eighty-eight has met
Some changes. That fair-haired lady
That greeted you, come in, come in,
Is as you know, no longer there.

Memories not ever to be forgotten
Will linger there. Bessie’s shadow,
Perhaps, will take over a part of
What’s left over from old eighty-eight.

I can’t wait to see Sharon and Bill’s
New possession, a home away from
home, quite near to eighty-eight. It’s
On the banks of beautiful Miramichi.

Bill and Sharon, God Bless you both
and your homes. If I ever get there
Again, please find me a corner to enjoy,
A bed lunch, a good old jamboree and

A nocturnal visit from Aunt Bessie.
To say ‘Good Night and God Bless.

Copyright © 2012 Charles E. Frost
September 16, 2012

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Bed Lunch

It is early Sunday morning, I’m starving half to death
So I called my dear niece Roberta to find out what
She had on the grill. I might as well have saved the
Phone call. She had just got out of bed.

Now her home is in Canada and she is one hour ahead
Of us in the good old U.S. of A. I asked what are you
Planning for Gere for his dinner, you will not believe
This, my friend. Gere is still in bed, she says nil.

Well, I know that is par for the course there up North.
They stay up late partying and then have a ‘bed lunch’
So called. Then, the ‘good nights’ begin. It’s three or
Four times to the back door for a bid goodnight.

By then, patience for all is wearing thin. Let me say,
Tho, here and now, if you have not visited relatives or
Friends in Canada, make sure that soon you get to go.
Include me in ~ partying, a bed lunch. That’s for me.

Well friends if I’ve not sparked your interest, take it
From me, you’ve missed the boat, a great ‘bed lunch’,
Partying ‘most out of control and the camaraderie.
“Canada O’ Canada” ~ I love you, but for me, it’s

All here in the good old U. S. of A ~ ~ EH?

Copyright © 2012 Charles E. Frost
September 16, 2012

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Is It Time?

The Miramishi is beckoning, calling out my name.
I hear the sound of its waves as they rush toward the
Shore. That mighty river is not in my homeland,
O’ my gosh, I wish it were. Its beauty astounds me;

The reality of its power thrills me to my core. Big ship
Transports carry timber and ore, cargos of every ilk.
Now, I sit by that by that river and dream of bygone days.
I wonder, perhaps, did they carry Japanese rolls of silk.

It is such a pleasure to sit on a private river lookout
And watch to see the oyster men in small boats of every kind
retrieve their prize from the river Miramichi. I sit
Mesmerized by thoughts of a dinner from the sea.

Most of all I think of family and what they brought
From distant shores to build on, here in Canada, a place
Of promise and rewards. Prince Edward Island, a port where
Many disembarked, claimed it as their space.

My father and his were born in Prince Edward Island.
As for me, I am proud to say, it was the State Of Maine
The good old State of Maine, U. S. of A.
I will return to The Miramichi to visit now and again.

Copyright ©2011 Charles E. Frost
October 10, 2011

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Down River

Down River to Oak point, number eighty eight
That is where all the cars are headed
On the banks of the beautiful Miramichi
There on the river, history is embedded.

But, the house at eighty eight stands free
Tho folks have congregated, a hush
Envelops the air, unusual to you and me
Where noisy conversation is the rule.

The welcome at the door is missing,
Where a fair haired Lady usually stands
With a smile of welcome, open wide,
A wave, “Come on in all of you, inside”!

Now, the doorway is empty, no one there,
I look, searching, and then I see a shadow,
A wide open smile, a wave, “Come on in,
All of you, please, inside”. That’s as it was.

It will be that way forever at ‘Down River’
Our ‘Welcome Lady’ has moved on to be
At the door of “Our Jesus” forever more
While I will be watching for that ‘Shadow’.

At ‘Down River’

Copyright ©2011 Charles E. Frost
June 1, 2011

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