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I truly have not forgot my Dad’s readers, nor will I.  As many of you know, my Dad was part Irish and had a love for Ireland that was very deep.  He always wanted to visit the Emerald Isle but circumstances never allowed that dream to be fulfilled.  My wife (Susan) and I traveled to Ireland this month to fulfill that dream on his behalf (I must admit it was also the dream of Susan and me).  We spent two (2) weeks traveling the length and width of Ireland and spreading Dad’s love of the country and letting the wonderful folk hear his words.

One of his favorite pieces from Ireland was Galway Bay.  We visited that beautiful place and I know that he was with us.  We also visited Dingle Bay.  Four young Irish lasses (none of which we knew) learned of Dad and his love for Galway and Dingle Bays.  Much to our surprise, one of the lasses blessed us and my Dad with the singing of Dingle Bay (of course this occurred in one of Dublin’s many fine pubs).

Later in our trip, our dear friend Joe O’Leary and our new friends Frank and Robbie (all three being true Irish countrymen) serenaded us with Galway Bay (of course this also occurred at pub, this time in the fine city of Cork).  Joe, Frank and Robbie exemplify the true people of Ireland – warm, friendly, helpful and just f..ing great.  We love you guys.

I am sure Dad was with us – every step of the way – and I am also sure that he would agree that every aspect of Ireland and its people exceeded our expectations many-fold.  We will be back.

And I must let all of you know, that I have not forgot my promise to Dad and to you.  I will soon start posting more of his works and will continue The Nether Folk Story.

Go raibh maith agat Éire agus míle buíochas le gach do chuid daoine iontach. Dia Bless agus is Fearr Mianta do na an chuid is fearr.

Bruce, Susan agus Charles Frost


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A New Era

A new era has positioned itself in our country life.
It has created quite a stir of which I’m quite aware.
It seems some enlightened folk have found a way to pipe
Electric power from a piece of land to another square.

So much these days is done by wire, bolts and witchcraft.
It’s easy to, with a bit of knowledge, bring all into line.
Here in lies the magic of the present use of a waft,
Or better said, a good strong prevailing wind in time,

To turn a thunderbolt, in this case a large turbine
Into a power grid. That in turn empowers another.
I guess I have to say here, that one was just in time
Or, that one really was by gosh, the mother

That, we might or not, say in slang, not in her hearing
We know much better, repercussions might hurt a lot.
There be no doubt, it would be far from bearing.
She is the mom of moms and sees that we get our share.

I think I will forget about those turbines, just for now.
It’s unlikely that, I will ever own one, my lands too flat
I’m not good at wire, bolts, or witchcraft, don’t know
How to put them all together, I’ll just take a bow.

Copyright © 2012 Charles E. Frost
November 26, 2012

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Here I be, back again with my friends the Nether Folk and others. I will share with my readers all that I know and learn about happenings since our meeting. Are you just as shaken as I am after facing wild horses and autos without drivers? I could write no more after those harrowing experiences. I will try to do better. As I write, the various clans are gathering together. Can’t you hear the clamor of drums and all the other instruments they bring to make us happy and keep us from sleep?

Our friends are wasting no time but I haven’t ever seen them lined up together as they are now. There is no order at all to separate the clans as we know them. Is this meeting going to be a bust for them or for us as spectators? Those words are hardly out than, a miracle is occurring. There are many flashes of light as the clans find their rightful places side by side as clan folk usually do line up. It has been a joy to see how orderly it was accomplished.

The Nether Folk are in front followed by Fairies and Leprechauns. As usual, The Nether Folk drummers and other smaller clans are furnishing the music which is now blaring loudly. The Leprechauns are performing all sorts of crazy tricks as always. The Green Man and his followers are just quietly marching along but never fear you will see them in sort of mischief, I am sure. There is what appears to be, a very long car, like a railroad car following at the end of the parade. I wonder what it contains. This is odd. It has no wheels.

The Nether Folk start off with their usual soft sweet music and wonderful voices in song. It soon turns into blaring music and drum beats that can be heard , I think, for miles away. The Leprechauns now are going in amongst the watchers and trying to get them to do as they do. Some can do things, most cannot compete with the Leprechauns but everyone is having fun. Everyone is very happy and that is what counts. The Green Men have been very quiet today. They have been hanging back by themselves. The Nether Folk are at it again, breaking up into small groups, going in amongst the watchers and trying to get them into the crowd. They appear to be having some success and it seems the watchers are becoming part of the different clans. They have joined the little Folk and the Leprechauns in their fun making and that is better for all. WAIT NOW, that long car with no wheels is moving. How can that be, it has nothing to make it run. It has moved around the circle of watchers. In turn the watchers have moved back away from the car. This is a mystery. Even as it moves forward, it appears to rise off of the ground. As it does one can see what looks like sticks, many in number, moving around and around under the car. The car moves faster and faster and as it does everyone can see that the sticks really are legs and bodies and that the bodies belong to the GREEN MEN. A fantastic feat for feet, eh? Feet yes, but there are keen minds behind all that flesh. I will say tho, I did not realize we had so many Green Men in the area. The car, looks like an old railroad car, perhaps rescued from a junk yard. It has made about ten swings around the cleared area. Everyone on the ground is cheering as it dives slowly. The feet and legs disappear as the car itself does likewise. Mystery o’ Mystery, what will our valiant representatives of the occult do next? I say occult in lieu of a better word.

As one might say, let us wait and see. Here come the Nether Folk in full dress and fashion. The color and make-up of these Little Folk are a miracle in itself. Tall hats with lights that sparkle in the dusky night, short jackets of silver and gold and flared trousers to match. The shoes, I think you can imagine. It was a wonderful sendoff in appreciation for the audience and their attention.

Copyright © Charles E. Frost
August 16, 2012

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A’Ha! ‘Tis a brand new day and I am a’betting that I caught the most of you asleep at the switch, so to speak. Be that as it may, I be here to hear the left-over laughter from the night before. It was a time to remember, don’t you think? For me, it will be unforgettable because it brought everyone together to do their thing and appreciate that of the others as well. I believe that, the Green Man was instrumental in making it all such a success. It is important now, to impress on the mind of any newcomer to our group, the need of cooperation of one and all.

Let love, laughter and togetherness be our goal.

A thought, came to mind. All of this started with a leisurely walk in my woods. “My Woods” no longer applies. They belong to all that have the will to keep them green, clean and growing as they are, but as I always say “Be careful where you step”. The little people, (The Nether Folk) may be in your path.

So there, my readers and my friends, I’ve said me say, it’s your turn, I will listen to it all, and respond, in my best way. I can tell now by all the shouting, noise and laughter, the Nether Folk are in attendance waiting to have their say and, they will. The Elder, steps up and takes the mike, ers and ahs and shakes his head. I guess he can’t believe I’ve said me final word as yet.

Well sir, take the mike, ye be welcome, your following and mine await us. I will speak with you some other time; consider what I’ve given you as small talk. I will make it longer the next time; what do you mean, there may not be one, if I do not rhyme better?

Come all ye Nether Folk you sure did enjoy yourselves last night. So did I. It was quite a party. I am so glad all of you are getting together. I really think you are. Storms, horses and wagons, railroad engines, what will you think of next, that you can do to entertain? I am happy to have you near to my home. Before you came here, I walked my lands feeling, so all alone. Now I no longer have to be by myself. I have you as my friends and my neighbors. Please feel free to come by at any old time.

I am going to take a look around to see the condition of this land of ours. What I find is that all is in the condition as it was before that last party started. There is no debris left as one might expect after as many folk that did attend. All is clean as the proverbial whistle. Teams of horses and carriages, railroad engines and cars, viewing stands and people dancing through the small growth and trees – all that, yet not a bush trampled or a sign as evidence, that such a party took place.

Was all that magic or was it a miracle performed by a power unknown to man? When will we know? The Fairies, we are told have exceptional abilities but they are themselves so small!

The Green Man and the Leprechaun are very friendly now and are friends and advisors to the Nether Folk who are just a bit stand-offish, not wanting to give up what power they may have. The Fairie, sensing jealousy, ask for a meeting to bring them together as they were. All’s quiet now, some of the Nether Folk from other places have gone home. Each faction left moves toward the center and confers with the Fairies in hopes that a final decision can be made so that once again things will run smoothly. An agreement has been reached and the head of the Fairies will preside. All now is going smoothly, I can sit back and watch the proceedings. This night, there is no party, no music no drums, just the beating of hearts; everyone is happy to see the work is done. We will go on from here.

This has been a most unusual time for me. I’ve tried to get things running smoothly and keep everyone happy too but as we all know, there is no such thing as keeping everyone happy; I will try tho, who knows what patience and prayer can do?

Copyright © Charles E. Frost
April 1, 2012

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I am back and wondering what and who started what happened here in the woods. Do you recall that I spoke of small group of Nether Folk from away were gathered together, happy and pleased with what had occurred? That got me to thinking – Could it be? The tingle in my head turned into a roar, so it seemed. That group of Nether Folk though happy, did not seem surprised. Just what is going on in the forest that causes my head to tingle but, does not seem unusual to some others? I am confused, the word ‘power’ keeps running through my mind. I say “power’ and again, I wonder, what could it mean and why. The thrill of all the excitement is passing now but memories don’t go away. To me there is something, is it an undercurrent of foretelling some future happenings. I think I had better leave it to the seers to unfold. All has been quiet for sometime now. It is really unusual to have so many Nether Folk and their kind gathered together in a state of stillness, no games, no music or singing, no displaying their magic. I miss all of that and yearn to return to it before very long. No sooner that said than the blare of large horns rang out. The Nether Folk are at it again. Maybe not tho, we have a mixed gathering here, more so than ever before, I believe. This time however there are many small groups and they are mixed, Nether Folk, the Green man, now a surprise, new faces, some people even smaller than the Nether Folk are here. I will inquire as to who they are. the answer identifies them as Fairies. The Leprechaun identifies them as good people. Everything is moving so fast I find it difficult to keep up.

I suspect that things will change very soon. It has been very quiet for such a large gathering. I think it is like a dam ready to break.

Folks, I am going to take a walk around. Perhaps I can find the reason for the quiet of this night. I doubt that I will be back very quickly. Good night all.

Are you ready? This should be a blast! Look at the list of players. The original Nether Folk plus those from all over the world, as we know them. Leprechauns (very playful) and do not forget the Green Man and the Elder. We will be introduced to the Fairies who we are told are a fun loving people and very wise. I am looking forward to a pleasurable time of greeting new folks and welcoming back the old. Here we go!! Boom Boom, like cannon shots, echo through the air. All this is a preview and a promise of what is to come. Lusty voices singing songs of the ago and today, bringing back memories, some long forgotten. And now, a long line of marchers, the end, unseen. Color, such as I have not ever seen obscures the person beneath. Shouts of joy and laughter emanating from the onlookers and paraders alike.

Coming out between the mass of trees is a carriage drawn by four horses in harness almost completely covered with what appears to be precious jewels. Look who is holding the reins, none other than the Green Man. Beside him is another Green man who looks like he could be a twin of our Green man. I wish Jackson and Fiona could be here to see all this grandeur. Perhaps they will another time, Look! The two green Men are waving now just as the carriage, horses and all, disappear, taking their place is a modern railroad car puffing along with what seems, hundreds of Nether Folk, waving and shouting greetings to we, the watchers of this beautiful scenery and the action that is taking place. That is not all. A large viewing stand rises from the ground. It is full of little people, Fairies, and people I have never seen before and maybe not again

Now, a mix of different peoples dressed as clowns and by the hundreds are streaming through the trees laughing and playing as they move along. The green men, those of different clans are dancing through the woods, indifferent to the tree growth in their paths. The crowds and their dress are as different as night to day. Now, all movement stops, people, one by one, begin to disappear. Gone are all our woods people as we know them, gone to where — we don’t know. However, we all know they will return, as will I — Bye, Bye, ‘til we are together once more.

I am back for a moment. Just want to say, it looks like our minds are working in tandem. seems like all is going to be OK.

Copyright © Charles E. Frost
March 29, 2012

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‘Tis a new day, I feel rested, my mind I clear. Very early this morning, my son Bruce came by, and after a bit, asked me, “Dad, what is bothering you?” After I explained my dilemma, he laughed and said, “you will come up with the answer as you always do.” Once again I hear the question run through my brain, do you have a bit of power that not known to you is evident\to others? I wonder, am I making my problem, if it is one, more difficult to solve?

I fear that you will not understand that I have writ. I will explain when you are at hand. As I have said now, my mind is now clear. The clan is gathering from near and afar. Most are here. As I have said, I have not mentioned my thoughts to anyone concerning, ‘powers’ and whether or not how far they reach. My suspicion is that ‘everyone’ has something, buried deep in his mind, controlled by the Master of all mankind. Bits of it may be set free if it’s to advantage of all. Therefore I’ll go on as in my every day with the hope my mind keeps on even keel.

The conversation and action continues to grow amongst all factions of The Nether Folk and their friends from near and far away. I am surprised because in the past I had noticed some little disagreements here and there even tho they did no last.

Something odd is happening that has everyone talking and pointing to the skies. I look myself to see an amazing sight. There appears to be a very thick blanket of leaves hovering over the entire area and the trees are winter bare. The ground is clear. Of a sudden the leprechaun and several Nether Folk appear together and start to dance, their arms raised and burst into song, one I never heard before. As they do, the skies clear, the leaves disappear and once more the trees are filled with shimmering leaves. A cheer of approval sounds through the woods and now everyone is dancing and singing in happiness. There is however a small group consisting of only Nether Folk from away, seemingly, pleased and happy of what has occurred.
I feel a tingling in my head and the thought again is there. What if—? Then it’s gone. Another impromptu party begins. It seems impossible to dampen the spirit of enjoyment in these People of the woods. I say, “Long live the Nether Folk and their ilk.”

The party is in full swing now. I do not have a full explanation of how it happened. If everyone is happy, why question it. The woods are ringing with the sounds of all sorts of musical instruments and Drums.

The Green Man has not been around for some time now. I wonder if he saw the colossal show of the blanket of leaves hovering over the woods. Just as I spoke of the Green Man, a loud rumble was heard through the area. Does he read minds? He has not appeared for some time now, I think he has not been in the area but no one can really keep track of him. Perhaps he will come along before the party is over. There goes that rumble again. People are on the move again watching for something to happen. Boom, Boom, Boom again then a loud clattering sound. That’s all. What is going on in these woods? There, over there, clouds of smoke can be seen and it is moving towards us. We all, the Leprechuan and the Nether folk are gathered together in amazement as a Monstrous engine is pushing through the trees but, not harming them. The green, dressed in his fanciest clothes
is at the front of the engine but does not appear to be driving it. Just when it seems that the monstrous engine
will mow down trees, it stops dead without sound and swinging down is the Green Man, laughing and waving. He is in control of everything now. I get down from the tree, I had climbed to get away from that monster, but I will be back folks, soon, I hope.

Copyright © Charles E. Frost
March 29, 2012

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‘Twas a good rest I had last night after the partying but I am glad that I did not miss the occasion. The Leprechaun sure looks like he’d be a heart breaker as he laughs and plays and dresses as he did last night. I think I’ll take it slow and easy for this day. It’s a lonely feeling that’s come over me and I know the cure. The thick green forest is calling me and I must go and tho I feel lonely, I must be by myself. Does that seem like a conundrum to you or have you felt the same? The sound of animals, small and large is comforting to me and I go on, no longer alone.

Once again I’ve wandered from my story but I will return to it, post haste. In fact, I did not really go away. These parties give me so much pleasure I dislike to be away too long. I think the Nether Folk feel that way too as they crowd about me asking where I’ve been. I try to explain, I have a home that needs looking after — That is as far as I got with that — Your home is here and we need you to be close to advise us in things that come up for us to do.

The Nether Folk accede to my wishes when I tell them how tired I really am from partying day and night with them, and so I rest. Days go swiftly by for me, there is so much activity. My nights are long because I dream of things that bother me and do not understand. It is on this note I hear a knock upon my door. I open it to find the Green Man standing there, looking grim. I need your help, he said. The Nether Folk are my friends but it seems of late they are being a bit afraid of me. I think it is because of my unusual powers, tho I do not flaunt them. I realize that they tend to minimize theirs. I try to do the same with mine. Is there a way that we, in normalcy, can act together
and make it seem a usual thing to do? You are my best hope
to accomplish this. Lately, I have been thinking that I have powers of my own. Now, isn’t that scary? I am going to lie down to lie down and dream of this. What are your thoughts, dear reader?

I have had a short rest and am not much further along to solving the problem of what can be done to bring everyone together. One thought does come to mind. At the time Nether Folk from all over the world visited here, everyone, I think, had a wonderful time. Is it possible to duplicate that with the idea that activity and talk would bring realization to those involved, that what was pulling them apart could easily solved by pooling their powers to the advantage of both.

Later in the day I was surprised to see them working together on just that premise. I had not spoken to either party of my idea. That got me to thinking of what I actually said in jest a bit ago concerning, ‘powers of my own’, I will look into this. The plot thickens as ‘tis said in mystery. Perhaps, I am not dreaming these things at all. And so, as the light of day dims, mysteries of the night begin. I will see y’all on the ‘morrow.

Copyright © Charles E. Frost
March 23, 2012

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