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I truly have not forgot my Dad’s readers, nor will I.  As many of you know, my Dad was part Irish and had a love for Ireland that was very deep.  He always wanted to visit the Emerald Isle but circumstances never allowed that dream to be fulfilled.  My wife (Susan) and I traveled to Ireland this month to fulfill that dream on his behalf (I must admit it was also the dream of Susan and me).  We spent two (2) weeks traveling the length and width of Ireland and spreading Dad’s love of the country and letting the wonderful folk hear his words.

One of his favorite pieces from Ireland was Galway Bay.  We visited that beautiful place and I know that he was with us.  We also visited Dingle Bay.  Four young Irish lasses (none of which we knew) learned of Dad and his love for Galway and Dingle Bays.  Much to our surprise, one of the lasses blessed us and my Dad with the singing of Dingle Bay (of course this occurred in one of Dublin’s many fine pubs).

Later in our trip, our dear friend Joe O’Leary and our new friends Frank and Robbie (all three being true Irish countrymen) serenaded us with Galway Bay (of course this also occurred at pub, this time in the fine city of Cork).  Joe, Frank and Robbie exemplify the true people of Ireland – warm, friendly, helpful and just f..ing great.  We love you guys.

I am sure Dad was with us – every step of the way – and I am also sure that he would agree that every aspect of Ireland and its people exceeded our expectations many-fold.  We will be back.

And I must let all of you know, that I have not forgot my promise to Dad and to you.  I will soon start posting more of his works and will continue The Nether Folk Story.

Go raibh maith agat Éire agus míle buíochas le gach do chuid daoine iontach. Dia Bless agus is Fearr Mianta do na an chuid is fearr.

Bruce, Susan agus Charles Frost


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We are still here. New posts from my Dad’s works are forthcoming. Please bear with me as I strive to become 1/10 as organized as he was.

Thank you

Bruce E. Frost

A lot is going on at the present time. There are more words from my Dad forthcoming. He may have joined my Mom but he has left some additional thoughts behind. Also the Nether Folk Story will continue as per his wishes. The information regarding Dad’s first book and how to obtain a copy will be made available within the next few months. I am sorry for the delay. He loved life, he loved people and he loved his readers. I hope I am worthy to continue his work.

Bruce E. Frost (son)

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I dream of things as they used to be.
Some, I still wish they were, but, time
Does not stand still for you or for me.
Let’s take a look at your life or mine.

It stands, I can answer for only myself
But knowin’ you as I do, I will gamble
A dollar or two. You ken how I’ve felt
About you. My trust is just a sample.

We give and we take one of another
Without question or a bit of a doubt.
Our lives are entangled, be as it may,
We’ve arrived at a threshold I say.

You had your dreams, I’ve had mine.
Both have challenged the world in our
Time. Together now, we are ready to
Travel on as one. That may double the

Fun. Great minds think alike ‘tis said.
That may be true said I, looking ahead
Into my mind with a prayer, asking
My God, that good judgement be there.

Friend, we have traveled together,
To here and there and anon, shared
The good and the bad, joy and travail.
We’ve hit the high road, as far as we’ve dared.

We’ll drink of this life ’til we empty the pail.

Copyright © 2013 Charles E. Frost
August 29, 2013

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Smiling Eyes

Smiling eyes across the table, just as it used to be
Lined wrinkly, laughing, smiling eyes just for me.
My arms were on her shoulders to get a kiss
Her hot crying eyes grew colder, my kiss a miss.

All this time I was dreaming and scheming
Sometimes a man, at times a beast running wild.
I’d much rather the other, it was a dreaming
That would quiet and soothe an ailing child.

This was not my lost poem, but I will take it
Dear Lord, You’ve done it again, as always;
I ask, You provide. There are times, I think,
Am I special in Your eyes,

Or am I as the beast running wild? If so,
Take me Lord, my heart, my mind and my soul
Take me. Make me whole, throw me back in the mill.
I will, go on to follow Your will.

Copyright 2013 Charles E. Frost
July 17, 2013

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From what I have learned
Of the crucifixion of Jesus at Calvary,
I profess to be a Christian, a Catholic,
Not any other, since birth ~ no surprise.

I thought, I’ll write about Jesus Christ
And His crucifixion ~ surprise again.
I know very little of what I may speak;
Those that know me may wonder in vain.

Where have I been, don’t I give a damn
Don’t I care about life, or what’s gone
On before? If not, I have no right as a man;
Of course I know better.

Ninety-seven years, I’ll go on from here;
I know now who and what I am.
Thanks to my son and teacher,
I will go on from here.

Yea son, you’ve torn me apart
From skin to the bone and into my mind.
You’ve taught me some lessons indeed.
I’ll think and I’ll stop and think again,

And I will go on from there.
I dream of a heaven with all of my kin,
More than that, I know when I’m there
I will be, ever closer to Him.

I want to walk with Him thru His garden,
To talk about those I leave behind,
And ask that He do for them
As He has done for me.

Copyright 2013 Charles E. Frost
April 4, 2013

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Hash and Rehash

Well Turkey day is over, you all can now relax. Well maybe
You cannot. If you have leftovers, ha, ha, of course you do,
What will be the disposition of what was so hard to make?
Now, you have no need at all to cook, to steam or bake.

Will you shake your head for an idea or two, maybe think of
Son or daughter who has been traveling the town with others,
Checking possibilities of where to dine. There are so many now.
We, most all of us, can pick and choose. There is no need to bow.

I wonder now, should I, for one, reconsider what I’ve writ here?
When I go home and the word is spread, “dinners on the table”
Why did I respond with I’m not hungry, echoed by the same
And,”me too” amongst pots and pans, I’ll git up – if I able.

Above it all, did I spurn me wife and also her cookin’ she who
Gave me the best of her years. The holiday is over. It is back to
The best of the years I ever have had. I’ll go lookin’ no more
Outside of my door for that which I have in my soul at the core.

She is my wife, my life, each moment of every day I exist from
Now through eternity.

There is no hashing or rehashing to that.

Copyright © 2012 Charles E. Frost
November 23, 2012

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(An Ode To My Sister)

Naw, fer me it’s not what it used to be.
There be sumtin missin’ naow ~ Why?
Ye say, why? Cuz one not be there
Anymore. No that be wrong. be there
But still be sorely missed, by all she

New or who new her, Glory be, wuz
she not, tha one, who partied most of
Of all. She danced wit anyone atall
or pranced alone across tha floor.
How old ye ask ~ don’t be nosey.

She wuz old enough ta be a smarty,
But man o’man, she sure could party
And put anyone ta shame. Her name
Wuz, O’ I forgit it she had an a-lie s
But answered to Aunt Bessie, naow

Wudn’t ye know naow, wudn’t ye?
Cum ten pm or eleven, more likely
Twood be neer midnite, ye mite hear,
Bed Lunch, come an git it, or git out.
O’ well, not quite but she wuz

Tired and slippin’ round tha room
ta say gudnite, tha party’s over, cum
agin anither time. O’ Aunt Bessie wuz
A hostess of reknown, loved by everyone
Who knew her and some from every town

Around. God Bless you Aunt Bessie,
Verna, sister mine, we, you and I, never
Had enough time together but we will in
Another place and in another time. So it’s
Bed Lunch for you and me. I Love You Sis,

God Bless, Good Night,

Charlie, Your Bro

Copyright © 2012 Charles E. Frost
November 2, 2012

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