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Long Overdue Update

To all my Dad’s faithful readers, I apologize for my absence.  The next installment of The Nether Folk Story is close to completion.  My Mom and Dad’s beloved home has been going through some changes as Susan (my precious wife and friend for 48 years) and I prepare to move our lives to Ledgecrest (Mom and Dad’s name).  We have received permission from the Nether Folk with some reasonable stipulations (of Course).  We have lived down the street since 1977 – it amazes us as to how much two people can accumulate.

With regards to Dad’s poetry, many of his poems remain unread.  I will begin to add them to this site as time permits.  Your patience is appreciated.  Let me assure you that hundreds of his poems remain to be revealed as does his life story which he had been writing for the last 25 years of his life.

I am bound by my promise to him that all these things will be done.  I am sure that Mom and Dad, along with my brothers, Warren and Russell (he joined them earlier this year) will be watching from Heaven and will let me do no less.

Thank You and Love to All,



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Jesus In My Life

I am ninety seven years of age, lucid, clear
Thinking, I believe. I know who and what
I am not. Here goes, I will give it a shot.
My education is limited, yea, I’m in a rut.

I bear full blame, I quit school at just fifteen
Just a minute, I am not completely gone
I did get a bit of letters, just in between.
There you go, it’s like’ giving a dog a bone’.

I heard you. I’ve got ears, they help to learn.
O’ O’, I’ve been thrown for a loss, somehow
A play has been switched, as has my theme
For the story I wanted to tell. Out I must bow.

Dear Jesus, forgive me please, if you will.
You were to be my hero, You are as always
And always will be, the one I pray to and adore,
And likely ask for more in my prayers.

Please Jesus, bless my loved ones
My friends,
Any enemies
And me.

Copyright © Charles E. Frost
January 12, 2013

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No Chores

My home is getting a rather musty feel
That I think comes from ~ I am not sure.
Could it be the lack of use or maybe of air
I must investigate to try to find a cure.

It has not been always thus, I think aloud,
No ~ it’s not been so, for o’ so many years.
Family arriving, staying on at times to enjoy
Changes from city to country for girl and boy

Before they go ~ they clean and wash everything,
Ha ~ ha ~ ha ~ ayeah ~ ayeah!
As they leave they have a sing, why not, why not
Nothing left to clean, o’ no, just for Mom and me.

They are family, no chores for them ya see.
As they go, they say, visit with us next week,
bring yer credit card, our credit is low. There lies the
answer to a musty house. Figure it out yerself.

We told them we are going to be away.

Copyright © 2012 Charles E Frost
May 18, 2012

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Yea, old barns and old people serve
Their purpose in a sometimes dismal
Life. Grey is just a color in one’s eyes.
Old and battered, they even seem abysmal

Until you have a look at their insides.
Age really is meaningless, just year
After year. What counts is what you’ve
Given from your heart, body and soul.

The old grey barn has stood the weather,
Given its all. It stands, shabby looking,
Very proud. Its job is finished. It’s at rest,
Still erect from its assignment to protect.

Can we, as mortals, stand the test of time?
We can, we do grow old, as did the barn.
Grey and battered, but, we raised a family.
They will carry on.

God put us here for a purpose. As we age
Year after year, it’s our job to build and
Teach, by example and rote, to follow God
Age Matters Naught

Copyright © 2011 Charles E Frost
September 29, 2011

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Thank your God for all you have.
Don’t think of a tomorrow.
When today is gone forget it.
No need to look for sorrow.

Sorrow strikes us, one and all,
At one time or another. chalk
It up, as just one rung in the
Ladder of life, as on you walk.

He/She that follows will watch
Each step you take, and learn
Perhaps, by mistakes you make.
You teach now, he’ll do so in turn.

In years long ago, God willed it.
Build families to circle and teach,
One to another through lifetime
No ending reached.

Isn’t that the way it should be?

Copyright © 2011 Charles E. Frost
June 26, 2011

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