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Long Overdue Update

To all my Dad’s faithful readers, I apologize for my absence.  The next installment of The Nether Folk Story is close to completion.  My Mom and Dad’s beloved home has been going through some changes as Susan (my precious wife and friend for 48 years) and I prepare to move our lives to Ledgecrest (Mom and Dad’s name).  We have received permission from the Nether Folk with some reasonable stipulations (of Course).  We have lived down the street since 1977 – it amazes us as to how much two people can accumulate.

With regards to Dad’s poetry, many of his poems remain unread.  I will begin to add them to this site as time permits.  Your patience is appreciated.  Let me assure you that hundreds of his poems remain to be revealed as does his life story which he had been writing for the last 25 years of his life.

I am bound by my promise to him that all these things will be done.  I am sure that Mom and Dad, along with my brothers, Warren and Russell (he joined them earlier this year) will be watching from Heaven and will let me do no less.

Thank You and Love to All,



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It’s Time

It’s time to share my feelings
And tell how happy you make me.
It’s time to yell “I love you”
And say “I know that you love me”.

It’s time for hugs and touching
And the feeling of your warmth,
To thank you for my being
And for guiding me through storms.

It’s time to let you know that all I am
Is because of all that you gave me.

It’s not only time for memories
But also time to make some more.
It’s time to take the present days
And find even newer joys in store

Let’s find some more together
Let’s smile and laugh and dance.
Let’s take this as a challenge
And not leave it all to chance.

And also as we walk these roads together
It’s important that you always know.

I’m filled with pride with all the memories
Of all the wondrous times we’ve had
I’m filled with pride of all we’ve done together
But I’m most proud that you’re my Dad

It’s time to smile and share our love.

I Love You, Dad

Copyright © 2013 Bruce E. Frost
November 10, 2013

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I will write three lines or four,
Then you pick up the pen
For four more, same story line,
Then I’ll look at mine again.

There now, four apiece and
Let’s take a look at both to
See what pattern we may
Follow, what a surprise I get.

His words were elegant, just
Right, his thoughts, veered
Away from mine. That’s ok,
I thought and said, it shows

You have a mind of your own.
He did not care to take that
Stand but listened and agreed.
You are right, thank you dad.

I will be a dad myself one day.

Copyright 2013 Charles E. Frost
April 9, 2013

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