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My Dad was always searching to improve and to understand life.  He wrote this last year.  I truly believe he found his answers.  Please enjoy,

Bruce E. Frost


Who Is Behind the Pen?

Mystery, more mystery’s in store for me it seems.
Who or what is behind the pen or computer keys?
More than that, is someone there just to tease?
Is this real or perhaps a specter from my dreams?

I write, I think I do. My words are twisted round
To read as another line but not the one I’ve said.
It’s all to plain to me, what’s going on is bound
To cause me puzzlement and send me back to bed.

Well, that may not be as easy as one may assume.
I protect my rights, value every word and thought,
Of mine. In my mind, no one should spread doom
Nor twist around what another said or even thought.

But wait ~ I have gone over this writing, top and down.
I’ve twisted it ‘round and ‘round and what I found
Is what I should have realized from the very top.
There is a higher Power that controls the all around,

Each day, each night, the in between, every scene
And, importantly, in my view, one’s every dream.
My God is behind my pen and my computer keys
As I sit and pretend to write, not to tease.
Copyright © 2013 Charles E. Frost
May 17, 2013


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Computer Speak

Mostly I can figure out the things I want to know
But what has me buffaloed, so to speak,
Is a lingo used by many playing the computer field.
Now, I understand there is a user known as a Geek.

I’ve checked into that and decided, it is not my style.
I will follow the path I travel now, speak as I see it.
The truth is all important to me, but I may wander
If I do, pull the reins on me, I’ll survive, so be it.

Perhaps, I’ll cut a path through the internet knowing
Not, what I might find, a new word, or a prophecy.
Always searching for something to improve my work
What I’m looking for must be of interest to thee.

To strike a spark to light up my writing for everyone
To see and hopefully enjoy. No sir, I am not a Geek,
Is it not true tho, that we exist where each one of us
May strive for betterment? Let everyone take his leap.

Now the computer field held little interest for me, ‘til
I saw a chance to get a piece of the action.
I jumped into the pool that held so much attraction;
Now I have my site, I am happy with the transaction.

Move Over Geek Let me in

Copyright © 2012 Charles E. Frost
February 8, 2012

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My computer is to me a history of thought,
As I sit down to it each morning and wonder.
What will I write today and make it easy
Reading, yet worthy, of your time and mine.

It never is that simple, my thoughts may stray
Or, strike a road block in the pathway of my
Mind. Isn’t that the challenge of a writer, to
Meet and overcome? I can, I will, I’ll tr.y

To pleasure you, is my goal, maybe even
Teach you something simple, you did not
Know, not likely, but then, it is possible, eh?
It could be something you maybe, just forgot.

Well, this morning’s thoughts have strayed.
They’ll not go down as historic in my mind.
I don’t know if I can recoup and save the day.
I won’t say, to my losses I am resigned.

I will put my computer mind to work, one
Never knows what may develop when
I start to tapping on that keyboard of my
Mind. Then I will feel like a writer once again.

Copyright © 2011 Charles E. Frost
September 15, 2011

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