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Long Overdue Update

To all my Dad’s faithful readers, I apologize for my absence.  The next installment of The Nether Folk Story is close to completion.  My Mom and Dad’s beloved home has been going through some changes as Susan (my precious wife and friend for 48 years) and I prepare to move our lives to Ledgecrest (Mom and Dad’s name).  We have received permission from the Nether Folk with some reasonable stipulations (of Course).  We have lived down the street since 1977 – it amazes us as to how much two people can accumulate.

With regards to Dad’s poetry, many of his poems remain unread.  I will begin to add them to this site as time permits.  Your patience is appreciated.  Let me assure you that hundreds of his poems remain to be revealed as does his life story which he had been writing for the last 25 years of his life.

I am bound by my promise to him that all these things will be done.  I am sure that Mom and Dad, along with my brothers, Warren and Russell (he joined them earlier this year) will be watching from Heaven and will let me do no less.

Thank You and Love to All,



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On June 28, 2014, excepting those who were physically unable, all of the Frost family, including our Canadian family, met to celebrate the lives of my father, Charles  E. Frost, and my mother, Alma M. Frost (his beloved wife of 71 years).  We met upon their land – in an area where they often worked to put up a winter’s supply of wood and to spend time enjoying the great pleasures of nature bestowed upon all of us by our creator.  An honor guard was present and began the ceremony followed by a young bagpiper , Charles, playing ‘Anchors Aweigh’ (Dad served in the United States Navy during World War II).  Introductions were made, followed by an opening prayer.  A dear friend of Dad, Carolyn Cowan sang ‘Galway Bay’, a favorite of Dad’s.  She was accompanied by the bagpiper.  Their ashes were spread over the land they loved by my sister, Charlene and myself .  A benediction was offered.  Megan Prince blessed us with the playing of ‘Taps’

The second part of the ceremony began after the flags were retired.  Many memories were offered by each member of the families.  Tears of joy and remembrance flowed.  I believe Mom & Dad were proud.  This part of the ceremony was concluded by the playing of ‘Amazing Grace’ by the piper.  All joined in led by Carolyn, Charlene and myself.  Immediately following was the party that Mom & Dad had requested.

Love, friendship, food and proper libation flowed.  All were treated to a very talented country /bluegrass duo by the name of ‘Gravel Road’, who added to the joyous occasion.  Although they had agreed to play until 7 or 8 PM, they played until nearly midnight.  Many of Dad’s poems were read during the evening.  It was truly a joyous celebration.

Thank you Jesus, for the gift of Charles and Alma Frost.  Thank you for all the wisdom and love that they gave, and continue to give, to each of us.



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And so on December 31, 2013, it came to pass.  True Love!


Each night and through each long
Day, I hear voices always singing
A haunting melody of love. Its old
But still new and always bringing

Memories of the old yet recent past.
I try to shut them out, to no avail
Because instilled in me, is the desire,
To make them last and not ever fail.

They come to protect me, I am sure
Against the loss of our binding love,
And say: “interlopers, beware.
This ground is sacred, held from above”.

I do not ever want the spirit of our love
To leave, to go away to another place.
The picture in my mind, as I listen to
The melody of love is the smiling face

Of the one I have loved, whose spirit
Lives on in this, my Haunted House.
And so it will be forever more, the
Time will come quietly as with a mouse.

The Haunt and I will leave this house
Together to live again in our haunting
Spirit world where we haunt another
House of love.

Copyright © 2011 Charles E. Frost
September 17, 2011

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As you know, my Dad, Charles E. Frost, passed away on December 31st, 2013. He loved life. More than life he loved every living creature on this earth. He spent every waking moment, as well as those he spent in slumber and his dreams, wishing only for a way to help people understand the joy of loving and sharing the beauty of life. He did not want to be famous. He only wanted to share his thoughts and feelings with as many people as possible. Through this blog he was able to begin this process. He truly wanted to have his poems and stories made available in book form as well as his blog. Unbeknown to him, his first book was in process thanks to many hours of dedication and hard work by his Grandson (Bruce E Frost II). Titled simply Book of Words, Poems and Stories from the Eastern Window – Volume 1, his book went to print one (1) week after his passing. It will be made available at cost (no profit to his estate) to those who desire to procure a copy. More information will be made available shortly.

I truly believe that He, along with his wife Alma and his son Warren, are together again. His first wish has been granted. His love for Alma (his wife of 71 years) was unfaltering as was his love for all of his family. His second wish has also been granted. His work will continue to be available to all those here on this earth. In addition he has asked that I continue The Nether Folk Story. I do not profess to have the talents my Dad had but I do promise to do my best to fulfill his request. He was not only my Dad, but he was truly my best friend.

He looked forward to seeing his words read each day and loved your comments. I hope you continue to enjoy his works, and even more importantly, that you continue to comment with your thoughts. He is with his loving wife and son and above all else he is with his Lord and Savior. Thank you, Dad.

Bruce E. Frost (son)
January 14, 2014

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Charles E. Frost passed away at 4:50Pm on December 31, 2013. This poem was written for him today. His love of life and people transcends his passing and will shine as a beacon for all eternity.

No more days in this year
New ones start tomorrow
With them come great joy
With them come great sorrow

Dad was finishing his 98th
He will not make it 99
He has gone to be with loved ones
And now it is his time

The sorrow is for all of us
Who had him in our life
The joy is for our Dad
In his rejoining with his wife

The suffering has ended
No more sadness, no more pain
Now he’ll have eternity in heaven
No greater gift can one attain

98 years of love and teaching
98 years he gave to us
He enriched our every moment
He taught our hearts to feel and trust

This will be his glorious journey
The great reunion comes at last
They will all be there to greet him
As some day will all the rest

Copyright © 2013 Bruce E. Frost
December 31, 2013

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It’s Time

It’s time to share my feelings
And tell how happy you make me.
It’s time to yell “I love you”
And say “I know that you love me”.

It’s time for hugs and touching
And the feeling of your warmth,
To thank you for my being
And for guiding me through storms.

It’s time to let you know that all I am
Is because of all that you gave me.

It’s not only time for memories
But also time to make some more.
It’s time to take the present days
And find even newer joys in store

Let’s find some more together
Let’s smile and laugh and dance.
Let’s take this as a challenge
And not leave it all to chance.

And also as we walk these roads together
It’s important that you always know.

I’m filled with pride with all the memories
Of all the wondrous times we’ve had
I’m filled with pride of all we’ve done together
But I’m most proud that you’re my Dad

It’s time to smile and share our love.

I Love You, Dad

Copyright © 2013 Bruce E. Frost
November 10, 2013

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Early Morning Solitude

It is my choice as a fresh new morning arrives, to sit
Alone by my pool of mystery and ponder the day ahead;
What will it bring into my life? I stare as the brook
Above delivers a small steady stream of water into my

Pool of mysteries, which to my mind, in turn delivers
A part of the oncoming day with its own story to tell.
When left alone, timid and quiet, looking lonely and
Bare, it gets upset by storms. It roils and it boils

And may go on a tear, then slowly an’ gently return to
Her norm. My mate and I loved our mystery pool for
That and all the love she gave us in our together years.
Our pool of mystery; we thank ye, for the bondage you

Helped to serve up between us, cemented deep in our
Hearts and our souls.

Copyright © 2013 Charles E. Frost
October 19, 2013

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