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As our families seek to know ourselves and each other, Our guide (Dad, Uncle, Cousin, or maybe just friend)  continues to lend his thoughts to help us along the way

Bruce E. Frost (Son).


Taking a Look ~ Here and Back

That is what I have done and it
causes me to wonder. I have asked myself
this question time and time again.
Who am I? Why am I here?

All of my life, I have been backward
on the outside, what I mean is amongst others.
That applies to myself as a youngster
and into my present years.

I am not putting myself down as I
see it. I look at it as facing the truths about
myself. I don’t understand me,
and yet I do. There you go.

I remind myself of an old radio/tv
program ~ “I Led Two Lives”. That was a good one!
That’s me, but not as a hero ~
quite the opposite ~ outside.

I was, am, afraid of speaking out.
Well, just a bit better now than earlier. There
is something about my ID that pulls and pushes
I think, depending on my aloneness.


When I am alone, really alone, I think
deeply into my Inner self, others and life. I assess
myself, yes, I chide Myself on what
I have done or not done and ask myself,


So yes, I lead two lives. Why is it that I cannot
make them gel, come together to make me one person?
This is where I go back to once more ask,
Who am I? Why am I Here?

Do I have a special role to play in this life,
this Universe? I don’t mean to infer that I am
special, tho I guess we all are in a way.
We all have our idiosyncrasies.

The Lord knows I have mine. I guess
I will leave them for someone else to talk about.
Now, hear me dear reader of this
concoction of words.

If you know me and follow what I have writ
you maybe understand what I am about. I am not sure
yet that I do. Seems like all that I have
writ here is not meaningful at all.

Still, it bothers me, more than a bit,
that I can sit at my writing machine and pour out
words, some of which come from
I don’t know where.

Then, I step into the real world and become ~ mute.
Back and forth I wander, between two worlds, so it seems
to me, my friend. Does any human know:
WHO I am? or WHY I am here?


If I have a mission in this Universe,
Or am I doing my job ~ or tying it up as complete?
If so I’ll be happy ~ I’ll stay
with it a while.

O’ one thing I might mention while I’m on the stump

Keep love in your heart for your fellow man
Be he in rags or in riches, up or be down
One never knows, which one you will be
It could be a pauper, or, one of renown

You See?

Copyright © 2010 Charles E. Frost
January 19 2010


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Staying Free

‘Tis a new day, yesterday’s gone with any sadness.
I’ve brushed all traces of disgruntlement away
And all are at one hundred percent. Please accept
And laugh it all off, if you will, may yer problems be nil.

I be shipshape and I be on even keel. That be me spiel
With the lesson I learned on that dae, I can sail any sea.
Be the waters smooth or unsettled, I’ll be certain to deal
With all that may come my way, I will sail the ocean free.

Through my reading and writing and living and listening
I’ve avoided hardships that could have put me on a spree.
Reading and writing are essential, living is all of your life
Listening is all important to learning, keeping you free.

There you be my friends. Take it for what it be worth
This be just a day out of me life that I offer to you as my
Say. Good luck, fortune fair. Sail your seas as you may,
Keeping in mind, those that come after, the game of life

You will teach them to play.

Copyright © 2013 Charles E. Frost
November22, 2013

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Here I am at age ninety-eight still trying to scratch
My way back to the womb, the place of my birth
And the time. I’ve heard it said that memory may
Begin in the womb. That maybe so, for its worth.

Should that be, I thought it important to me, until,
I gave it a bit more thought. What ever came about
To tear my mother and father apart is most likely,
Much better forgot; I’ll go back, to age ninety-eight.

There, I’ve drawn smarts from my account of gains
Through the years by deposits of forgives and forgets.
Those moves that I’ve made, I will not ever regret.
Nor ever forget what I’ve learned in just ninety-eight.

Ninety-eight have past, I will take what I’ve gained
Through my life time deposits and share it all through
The recall of my memories. To my Mother and Father
Who are no longer apart ~ I will be with you in our time.


Copyright © 2013 Charles E. Frost
August 17, 2013

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O’ I don’t know exactly
In the nineteen sixties, I was introduced
Into the world of computers and here I be.
Sometimes I wonder, sometimes confused

By computer vernacular such as ‘Computer
Speak’. Simple, of course, tho in ordinary
Conversation, it might be a bit confusing,
Understandable maybe, but just barely.

The years have passed speedily by, O’ yea!
I arise each morn, ‘coffee up’, take care of
My dog “Duchess”, power up my computer
To start my day on what others call the box.

Box it maybe to others but to me it’s the
Top of my day. Is there any news of family
Or friends? Is this my world, here to stay?
All this, I get to know almost instantly.

Out of the atmosphere, trapped by clicks
Everything that is important for me to know
Thank you, my son for putting me in touch with the
World, where my mind clicked and will grow.

One Click ~ I’m in the know.

Copyright 2013 Charles E. Frost
March 8, 2013

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Time Wasted

I sat down to write today just to while away the time;
Time moved on as it will, my mind just lagged behind.

I ran a map of subjects I keep, they help to spur me on;
The spur may work on horses, on me not worth a dime.

Maybe I’ll rest just a tad or so before I amble onward;
The bit I rested, and did not need, left me in a bind.

The morn is fleeting by, I’ve done nil and wasted time;
Not only that, I’ve always said, time wasted is a crime.

Here I sit, my mind’s numb, short on words that rhyme;
Folks, the lesson for today and anon is, wasted time!

Copyright 2011 Charles E. Frost
February 12, 2011

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Off The Cuff

How many times have you seen a picture or read a story
That rings a bell of recognition in your mind? If so, does
It bring you to a grinding stop to thinking; My gosh now,
Isn’t this a ‘picture’ of me?

Sure now and by all that’s holy, I will have to watch each
And every step I take now to avoid that recognition of me
Through my own or perhaps another watcher’s eyes.
I’ve done nothing wrong, believe me.

I love to write, I am not a scholar, not a learned priest Nor a seer as in the days of old. I write to learn more of Myself and hope that in the process I may give a helping Hand to another along the way.

So there my friend, yes, I grow old, but longevity is Naught until you pass on whatever little you have got.
You are a teacher now but your learning’s not yet done.
There will always be something new from sun to sun.

Prepare early
Only knows
How much time you’ve got.

Copyright © Charles E. Frost
January 18, 2013

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Year 2012

Year two thousand and twelve is winding down, four more days, it will be gone. Yes, my friends and readers, we have had our ups and downs. In one way or another, we have learned a thing or two. There is more yet to be done. One cannot live on his merit alone. That is not the way progress is won. Teaching the young and others what we know is now our responsibility. We will not shirk it. It is the American way.

Our family at home is shrinking. Now, as I look around,
I recall James is away at college, Mary at Normal school.
A new school is being built. That is progress in our town.
We’ve made it plain, education for all here is the rule.

My writing, will continue, I hope, to show up on my blog
I wonder if, I should take a course in writing, something
new, maybe more in tune with the modern ways, or slog
along as I do presently, going no place along my path.

Why should I put myself down when my stats do disagree
with me. I am happy that my family is keeping time along
the way with me, a proof that we are a solid family.
This is my song, I ask you to sing it along with me.

Readers, I’ll not change; I’ll not stray to write untruths,
except perhaps, a small embellishment for adding zest
to a write that leaves me in a snow storm with no boots.
Thank you. It’s been my honor and my pleasure, no less,

to write for you and to be in your library, a guest.

Copyright © 2012 Charles E. Frost
December 28, 2012

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