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This is a very special post.  It comes at the request of my Father, Charles E. frost.  In his last few years of life my Dad and Heidi Hanley (a dear and trusted friend) spent many hours talking about the Maker, the Meaning of Life, the Netherfolk and Heidi’s desire to publish.  Well, publish she has, and the wait was truly worth waiting for.  You are in for a exiting and moving experience when you read about this fascinating New World that Heidi has created, The Kingdom of Uisneath.  Her first book, The Prophecy, The Kindom of Uisneath, was published this month and is available on Amazon as a paperback or as a Kindle version.     Charles E. Frost is most proud as he watches from above and continues to guide all he knew.

Website: https://kingdomofuisneach.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heidihanleyauthor

Enjoy!  A true piece of literature!


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I truly have not forgot my Dad’s readers, nor will I.  As many of you know, my Dad was part Irish and had a love for Ireland that was very deep.  He always wanted to visit the Emerald Isle but circumstances never allowed that dream to be fulfilled.  My wife (Susan) and I traveled to Ireland this month to fulfill that dream on his behalf (I must admit it was also the dream of Susan and me).  We spent two (2) weeks traveling the length and width of Ireland and spreading Dad’s love of the country and letting the wonderful folk hear his words.

One of his favorite pieces from Ireland was Galway Bay.  We visited that beautiful place and I know that he was with us.  We also visited Dingle Bay.  Four young Irish lasses (none of which we knew) learned of Dad and his love for Galway and Dingle Bays.  Much to our surprise, one of the lasses blessed us and my Dad with the singing of Dingle Bay (of course this occurred in one of Dublin’s many fine pubs).

Later in our trip, our dear friend Joe O’Leary and our new friends Frank and Robbie (all three being true Irish countrymen) serenaded us with Galway Bay (of course this also occurred at pub, this time in the fine city of Cork).  Joe, Frank and Robbie exemplify the true people of Ireland – warm, friendly, helpful and just f..ing great.  We love you guys.

I am sure Dad was with us – every step of the way – and I am also sure that he would agree that every aspect of Ireland and its people exceeded our expectations many-fold.  We will be back.

And I must let all of you know, that I have not forgot my promise to Dad and to you.  I will soon start posting more of his works and will continue The Nether Folk Story.

Go raibh maith agat Éire agus míle buíochas le gach do chuid daoine iontach. Dia Bless agus is Fearr Mianta do na an chuid is fearr.

Bruce, Susan agus Charles Frost

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A Land – A Dream

Here’s to the beautiful shore of Ireland
A land I’ve never seen, ‘cept in movies
And picture books in all its beauty, green.
Where once its rugged men fought hard

To keep it so, paid the price, limb and life,
Stayed on to sow and reap its crops and
watch their children grow.  Twas the land
They tilled and loved, never more to roam.

Time and tide, do not stand still, ‘tis sed.
And it’s much the same for man.  Lure of
Streets paved with gold in other lands
Drew its share of the Irish to the U.S. of A.

These Celts being a loquacious type and
Very friendly too, found their niche here
In politics.  They worked on it, cemented
It and through many years held sway in it.

With them, they brought laughter, music
And song, I think all that was born and
Bred in them as was the sweet lilt of their
Speech and their dancing of the Irish Jig.

If my God has in His Heaven all the beauty
Of Irish green, dancing song and laughter,
As part of Heaven’s scene, I pray, when it’s
My time He takes me to His home.


Copyright 2013 Charles E. Frost
February 17, 2013

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I’m back. It was quite a vacation I had. Now I have to get together with the little folk to see what they’ve been up to. As I mention them, they appear and seem to be some agitated. I hope they are not bringing problems with them. It is nothing unusual. Nether Folk seem to believe that their place is out front in whatever is going on. I have to admit, with them heading the parade, things most always go well. I guess it is part of their mystery. When it comes to whipping up something unusual or magical, leave it to the Nether Folk. The Little Folk certainly are adept in coming up with the unusual or magical.

As I have said, they seem to believe that if there is something unusual about to happen it is their faction that should start it by being out front. Several of them are standing around looking at boxes on the turf and poking at them with their feet. One of the Little Folk backed away when a box moved suddenly when he got in near proximity to it. That started a conversation and all of the little folk moved quickly to get a bit further away from that area. Well now, is everybody getting nervous over what may be in the boxes that seem to move of their own volition? Is there perhaps animal life in the boxes? Now, one of the Nether Folk moves out in front, leans down and appears to be talking directly to one of the boxes. The box, to which he is speaking to, now opens up and out steps a fancy dressed, unusually tall Nether Folk man holding a musical instrument in his hand. He raises it to his mouth and his cheeks form up like red balloons. A sound emits from it that sounds like a wild screech such as never heard before. All nearby jump and run in fear. Two more blasts are sounded by the strange looking Nether Folk and all goes unearthly quiet. This man, who seems to now take charge of all the others, waves his arms in a circle and like magic, all of the others form up behind him and the Nether Folk march away softly singing.

What a beautiful and unusual way to start a celebration, though of what no one seems to know. I was so excited, I forgot to mention that each and every box contained a Nether Folk person dressed in gold. What a wonderful time we’re having! Do not go away. Something else is about to take place like nothing I have seen before. The very air seems to be getting heavier tho nothing else seems to be changing. As for me, I have the strangest feeling that something is about to happen and it does. Explosions rent the atmosphere around us and everyone is trying to find a place to feel protected. Who knows from what? Suddenly a loud crashing sound seems to envelop the entire area. It comes from the forward part of the ground where most of the Nether Folk had been congregated in a group They have disappeared from view. All there is to see is a large slanted depression that seems to lead deeper into the earth. Where are the Little People, or as we know them, the Nether Folk? There is just a very deep silence. Bare earth is all one can see.

Time seems to be standing still, no changes have taken place for what seems to be, hours. Suddenly there is the sound of chains clanking and what was a slanted cavern of earth is changing into a flat table like a panel rising slowly and smoothly and filling the ugly hole in the earth, but, where are the Nether Folk? Are they lost to us? Will we never see them or hear their sweet music again?

A different voice fills the air now recognizable as that of the Green Man. It has been some time since we saw him last. The Green Man urges all of us to not be upset by anything that may happen. Well, we do know that whenever he appears, strange things do take place.. We shall see. The Green Man is a very friendly person as long as he is not upset. Now he has walked over to talk to a few of the Nether Folk who have called to him.
There appears to be a lot of hand waving between the two men. Under my breath I find myself urging the both of them to remain calm. All has been fine up to this point. I hope nothing goes wrong to upset things. Don’t you? If anyone can do a thing to stir up a fuss it could be the Green Man arguing with The Nether Folk. Stay calm men. All is running smoothly to now. I will be back tomorrow. I am tired.

Here I am once more. I am anxious to see what is going on. There is much milling around amongst the Green Man and the Nether Folk. It is very confusing to me as to what the problem might be. Wait a minute, a real large Leprechaun is pointing toward the Nether Folk group while at the same time talking to the Green Man. It appears that he is telling the Green Man that one of the Nether Folk is to be in charge along with him (him, the Green Man) in whatever is to take place. I hope everything is going to run smoothly. I fear that all this hand waving points to much discord between the parties involved. It now appears that everything is settled to the satisfaction of everyone.

The Green Man, Nether Folk, Leprechaun and some Fairies also, are moving together toward the large panel covering that cavern like hole made in the ground. Now it seems, the Nether Folk are no longer with the others. What is happening? They have disappeared completely.

All of these happenings have my mind going in circles. I must take some time off.

Copyright © Charles E. Frost
January 24, 2013

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Hey! Here I am, back once more to see what is happening with those Little People in my woods. I really should call them, ‘our woods’ because when I told them to consider it that way, I meant it as such. All is very quiet.

Suddenly, a flood of noise breaks out, not too far away. There are shouts from voices, not readily recognized until a small group of Leprechauns, followed by Fairies, little people and wild looking creatures with odd laughing faces appear, altogether the weirdest band of folks ever seen at one time in one place. The Leprechauns and Fairies gathered together singing, loudly but beautifully, songs of strange places and dancing with the lightest moves known by man. The groups broke up and the whole area became as one big dance floor. It was sheer bedlam. It all started at the beginning of one day and continued into the dusk of the next – one wonderful and happy scene of happy, happy people. What is going on, what is happening here?

The Nether Folk now seem to be breaking away and forming a group away from the others. Now all of the others are forming individual small groups of their own. From the way all is moving, it appears there’s a plan afoot for this night. The Fairies and Leprechauns are mischief makers when they plan it so, and now they are close together. We have to watch them closely. Trouble is their game. Before this night over, I know they will cause trouble. Every other group can show their bitter side. Watch every one, keep track of each, if you can.

Now I’ve told you what I know for now. Trouble is brewing. Mark my words.

Hey! Is there a party going on?

Listen to that cacophony of music that seems nearby with not a music making instrument in sight, nor a person to play it. Now we are in densely wooded area but even as I speak it is opening up to a much larger treeless and open area. What has happened here? As I speak there is a very large roar and small open autos come speeding with no drivers and form circles in the cleared area. Now people in uniform appear beside each car carrying a musical instrument. I guess that accounts for the music heard earlier. Now I can make out that the each uniformed man is either a Fairie or small Leprechaun. Well, I told you they are tricky. Every car starts to move at high speed directly toward those of us standing in their path. Are they crazy? Then, as they are about to strike us—they disappear, every one of them completely out of sight and hearing. Is this going to be a bad day? I guess something else is brewing.

Wild Horses come toward us, prancing and dancing and circling around us snorting ~ a terrible sound to hear. Then there is a scream from afar and the horses stand quiet. The Nether Folk arrive, mount the horses and go off singing their fair songs.

It has been a very interesting day. I wonder what will be next on the agenda of our friends. I hope they will always be our friends and continue to live in our woods.

Nether Folk and all of your friends, you teach us much, stay with us.

Copyright © Charles E. Frost
July 26, 2012

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Chapter Ten

Good day, my good friends, is it true, am I really back from the scariest and wildest ride I ever had? I have no wish to repeat it
tho it will live in my memory forever. My legs had no feeling when I stepped to the ground and my first thought was to kiss
dear old Terra Firma and I did. That Fairie was correct when she said, you are almost ‘there’. In this case, ‘there’ being kin to Terra Firma for sure. I wonder now, is my new dizziness caused by the ride or trying to put the last few lines I wrote in proper order? I will leave you, the reader, to figure it out.

The Nether Folk are conspicuous by their absence here today.
They are very secretive when talking about their activities and seldom do in advance. Today seems to be no exception so I guess we will have to wait and see. Meanwhile, further on into the woods, the various leaders gather by themselves. This too is unusual as each leader keeps close to his group. Do you suppose this is the result of our trying to show them in the past, that working together makes them stronger than going it alone. Now, here is the Green Man, tho not in fancy dress as before. He too I guess, as we, will have to just wait and see.

An eerie feeling has come over me. Is trouble brewing here that may take our happiness away and leave us worried, and desolate? It seems the very atmosphere is heavy and yet alive with the waiting of a ‘something’ to appear. The Green Man is coming toward us, looking depressed, not the fun loving man we are used to seeing. I must leave you now. I will return after I have a look around.

Folks, here I am once more. How was my rest, I suppose you ask. Well it was long as you can see, or so it appears. There is not much I can say about it except that I am ok. Time went on as it usually does when I’m writing about my Nether folk. Now I am in a different stage of my bringing it to you. Time, as it goes on, has a way of changing things as you will see. I had a fall which ended in my hospitalization. I have been home for only five days. Just as soon as I can put things together I will be back with mysterious stories to thrill you. Until then, think about what it may be. Ha! Ha!

I have been asking around and the rumor is that there is a misunderstanding. That is all I could find out. I suppose we will have to wait and see what develops, eh?

The Nether folk are gathered together in a corner of the campground quietly talking amongst themselves, and the others are in small groups all about the area. There is sense of unease prevailing in the campground.

Now suddenly, the quietness has gone. Taking over is a very loud rumble and the sound of people screaming. Looking up I see nothing different, but in a moment all has changed. Gone is the campground as we have known it. The whole area is covered with deep snow and the trees are laden with ice. Everyone is snow covered. Large sleighs, drawn by coal black horses, are speeding toward us and moving swiftly by. Gone is the rumble of the sleighs. The Green Man and his cohorts are driving the sleighs and they all have musical instruments and are playing songs of winter. I must say that the Green Men were all dressed in beautiful winter outfits with shiny buttons that sent arrows of light as they drove by.

Wait up now, do not leave. Where there was snow and ice, all is green and summer like. Was it all just magic made by the Green Men? Will we ever know?

Sweet Christmas music fills the whole campsite. The Nether Folk come through tall green grass which has taken the place of the snow left by the Green Men. I have not ever seen the little folk dressed as colorful as they are now. Little banners of cloth in every color and shade adorn their hats and shoes and they all wear short jackets of silver and gold. As always each carries a strange looking musical maker of some sort. Their music is unique. As they pass, their music and vocals are like none heard before. I have been informed that what seemed to be unusual quietness before the day’s start was just a small thing between the Green Man and the Nether Folk. There was a disagreement for a bit as to who would be the first to appear. I believe the right decision was made. Look now, here come the Nether folk in all sort of dress. I don’t know how to describe their hats. The tops are peaked to a point and have an arrangement of feathers on the sides. Their jackets are fitted and have thin stripes of all colors. The little people sure know how to dress. They are super smart with color.

Well folks, I had something else in mind for today. However, I will hold it for another day. Y’all take care ‘til next time. Bye, bye.

Copyright © Charles E. Frost
April 7, 2012

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An Irish Tea

We thank you too Bruce and Sue
and of course the menagerie.
We will do it again sooner than soon.
I love youse guys and the Irish tea.

Maybe if we do it on a full moon
The Nether Folk would come.
Dinnae ye ken it wud double tha fun?
It wud be sure, if we had more than one.

O’ yes and a Leprechaun or two
jist fer you, Ms Mississippi Sue.
Naow, it be closer ta dawnin’,
see ye in tha mornin’.

I love ye an tha menagerie,
And most of al’
The Irish

Copyright © 2012 Charles E Frost
May 2, 2012

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