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My Dad was always searching to improve and to understand life.  He wrote this last year.  I truly believe he found his answers.  Please enjoy,

Bruce E. Frost


Who Is Behind the Pen?

Mystery, more mystery’s in store for me it seems.
Who or what is behind the pen or computer keys?
More than that, is someone there just to tease?
Is this real or perhaps a specter from my dreams?

I write, I think I do. My words are twisted round
To read as another line but not the one I’ve said.
It’s all to plain to me, what’s going on is bound
To cause me puzzlement and send me back to bed.

Well, that may not be as easy as one may assume.
I protect my rights, value every word and thought,
Of mine. In my mind, no one should spread doom
Nor twist around what another said or even thought.

But wait ~ I have gone over this writing, top and down.
I’ve twisted it ‘round and ‘round and what I found
Is what I should have realized from the very top.
There is a higher Power that controls the all around,

Each day, each night, the in between, every scene
And, importantly, in my view, one’s every dream.
My God is behind my pen and my computer keys
As I sit and pretend to write, not to tease.
Copyright © 2013 Charles E. Frost
May 17, 2013


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As you know, my Dad, Charles E. Frost, passed away on December 31st, 2013. He loved life. More than life he loved every living creature on this earth. He spent every waking moment, as well as those he spent in slumber and his dreams, wishing only for a way to help people understand the joy of loving and sharing the beauty of life. He did not want to be famous. He only wanted to share his thoughts and feelings with as many people as possible. Through this blog he was able to begin this process. He truly wanted to have his poems and stories made available in book form as well as his blog. Unbeknown to him, his first book was in process thanks to many hours of dedication and hard work by his Grandson (Bruce E Frost II). Titled simply Book of Words, Poems and Stories from the Eastern Window – Volume 1, his book went to print one (1) week after his passing. It will be made available at cost (no profit to his estate) to those who desire to procure a copy. More information will be made available shortly.

I truly believe that He, along with his wife Alma and his son Warren, are together again. His first wish has been granted. His love for Alma (his wife of 71 years) was unfaltering as was his love for all of his family. His second wish has also been granted. His work will continue to be available to all those here on this earth. In addition he has asked that I continue The Nether Folk Story. I do not profess to have the talents my Dad had but I do promise to do my best to fulfill his request. He was not only my Dad, but he was truly my best friend.

He looked forward to seeing his words read each day and loved your comments. I hope you continue to enjoy his works, and even more importantly, that you continue to comment with your thoughts. He is with his loving wife and son and above all else he is with his Lord and Savior. Thank you, Dad.

Bruce E. Frost (son)
January 14, 2014

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I Sit, Write and Pray

As I have done many times before, I sit at my computer
Planning to write something I have seldom writ before.
Now folks those first two lines are simple, you may see.
The work behind a write starts now, the subject matter.

With no plan at all, one has a problem, so serious, it
May finish you or at the least force you to another day.
With that in mind, I’ve prepared myself a theme. Let’s
See if you will recognize it as such, as I move along.

Good Morning my readers, I will allow myself that,
For the time. I write, that’s my thing. If you see what
You like in my writing, then, I’ve done something right.
You have become, one of my faithful readers – My view.

I know my responsibilities as your fellow man. Truth to
Me, heads the list. My aim in my writes is to reach
Everyone that I can. There is no one I dare to remove
From that ring. My view is stringent as all writers know.

Poetic license is allowed to make a legitimate point; not
Ever to evade the truth. I welcome every reader, as time
Passes by, and ask for their comments, knowing very well
That thoughts may differ from you, me or another.

I think that we, as a constituency, can help to bring the
Worlds of this Universe together as one to benefit all of
Mankind now and forever. Those are my thoughts, my
Wishes to you my reader; join me, please do,

In this theme for a new Universe
Under our God, for one and all.

Copyright © 2013 Charles E. Frost
November12, 2013

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Jesus, sweet Jesus, I love ye so
Throughout the day and the night
I pray that you smile down on me
And hold me in your sight.

Please Jesus, don’t ever give up on me,
Consider, I may be in plight. I pray
That Ye’ll ever be beside an’ inside
Me, all of the night and the day.

Jesus, my Jesus, it took me so long,
While I stood outside alone, mindless
Of Ye, your teachings, the adoration
Of many believers, a veritable throng.

Jesus, sweet Jesus, I love Ye so,
Through the night as it follows each
Day and will through all the time Ye
May allow me to be. Thank Ye Jesus.


Copyright © 2013 Charles E. Frost
September 25, 2013

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It’s seven AM. I’m seated at my computer
In my most Eastern room. That be where
You’ll find me at most any time of day, but
The early morn is the time, I like the best.

The sun has broken o’er the mountain rim
Casting shadows everywhere. I bend down
To pick up a Maple leaf or two and find,
Bare floor. The sun like an artist, has drawn

Maple leaves there. The tree tops glisten
With the early mornin’ dew, all this beauty
God’s gift to me and to you. My Eastern
Room’s a sanctuary set aside to catch and

Allow one and all to see the magic of the
Heavens bring this picture to the world.
That’s where you will find me day after day
From early mornin’, good weather and bad,

At my computer, tapping the keys, be it
Rain, sleep on, sunshine or snow. C’mon to
My Eastern room, where you’ll find beauty
To spare as you look ‘round the rim of the mount.

Thank you, Lord, for all I see and all I be, until
The time You call on me, to come home.

Copyright 2013 Charles E. Frost
July 28, 2013

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Smiling Eyes

Smiling eyes across the table, just as it used to be
Lined wrinkly, laughing, smiling eyes just for me.
My arms were on her shoulders to get a kiss
Her hot crying eyes grew colder, my kiss a miss.

All this time I was dreaming and scheming
Sometimes a man, at times a beast running wild.
I’d much rather the other, it was a dreaming
That would quiet and soothe an ailing child.

This was not my lost poem, but I will take it
Dear Lord, You’ve done it again, as always;
I ask, You provide. There are times, I think,
Am I special in Your eyes,

Or am I as the beast running wild? If so,
Take me Lord, my heart, my mind and my soul
Take me. Make me whole, throw me back in the mill.
I will, go on to follow Your will.

Copyright 2013 Charles E. Frost
July 17, 2013

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Promises made without thought of fulfillment
Are nothing but empty words.
Like a false word spoken in jest, it carries
No meaning at all. Beware, in all that you say.

There are times when the spoken word is healing
Others, when it’s hurtful or revealing, causing
Heartache, sorrow, to one, or one of his own.
A word can be mean and deceitful, if spoken.

It behooves all of us to be choosy and
To think, before we speak. We will live
Thu, in peace and harmony, with those
We may reach and teach ~ the word

Of God in all his glory ~ Amen!

Copyright 2013 Charles E. Frost
July 4, 2013

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